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Buddy to chase young girls in Berlin (Germany)
anybody from Berlin here? I want to find a guy, who is also interested in young girls and is not ashamed to like them. Lets watch young girls in bikinis at the beach, hang around chasing some skirts and do maybe some videos of girls in tight outfits. My dream is to fuck one of those girls. I want to try to approach some girls this summer and see how it works.
I like girls between 15-16 yo. If she‘s 14 it’s ok for me when she has enough tits. 17 is fine, too. Please not much younger.
It‘s legal in Germany to fuck 14 year olds, for your info.
So if you are interested in a buddy to chase some real teens, hit me up via direct message
Ya Ya I get my own girls to fuck find your own
i fuck 9yo girls

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